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iCashRewards Loyalty Program ("iCash")


The iCashRewards Loyalty Program will reward users with iCash Loyalty Points which has been tokenized on the Ethereum Blockchain Newtwork. It serves other purposes including using iCash as a way to purchase virtual gifts and consume through iBank iCash XPass, XWallet and iBankEx ecosystem in more than 25 countries across the globe. For more information, please visit


iCash Rewards Loyalty Merchants Set-up fee: CAD$9,850

As a User, you will receive the perks below: (CAD$13,000 value)


1. You will receive 1 iCash XPOS | 您将获得1部 iCash XPOS 销售点终端机器。Blockchain-integrated payment system, on top of the regular POS features, is now capable of accepting and processing cryptocurrencies that may enrich the retail experience for both merchants and consumers. It is a marriage between inventory management and exchange platform. The deployment of the iCash XPOS system is anticipated to bring blockchain-enabled payment technology to the mainstream, while keeping transactions seamless and cost-effective.


2. You will receive 100 iCashRewards Loyalty Cards | 您将获得100张的iCashRewards会员卡。Customers use the iCashRewards Loyalty Card to conduct transactions, just like how they use the metro top-up card. The iCashRewards Loyalty Card contains the private key information, encrypted.


3. You will receive 1000 USDT deposited iCash XPOS. | 您将获得1000 USDT 预存进您的iCash XPOS 销售点终端机器。iCash XPOS is a smart device that is built to distribute cryptocurrency and is connected to the blockchain, so that each transaction is recorded. Consumers use iCash XPOS to buy physical goods using cryptocurrency.


4. You will be entitled to receive iCashRewards Loyalty Points of 80,000 for the total value of CAD$9850 ("iCash Loyalty Point") in your Kcash account. iCash Loyalty Points can redeem ETH at Kcash wallet.


| 您将有权获得iCash 积分奖励80,000分,总价值9850加元(“iCash 积分点”) 积分奖励将直接转至您Kcash的账户上。iCash 积分点可以在Kcash钱包上KEX交易所兑换ETH。


Note 1:

Need a wallet?

For a free, simple, secure and easy-to-setup wallet, we recommend Kcash and Keepkey


Note 2: (Optional)

**To retrieve your UID | 获得您的UID:

1. Register an account on | 注册帐户。

2. Once completed, log into your account. | 一旦完成,登录到您的帐户。

3. Find your UID in "Account & Security" | 在“帐户安全”中可以获悉您的UID。


Note 3:

Discount Rate (折扣率): 

1st Year (第一年) - 50%

2nd Year (第二年) - 40%

3rd Year (第三年) - 30%

4th Year (第四年) - 20%

5th Year (第五年) - No Discount (没有折扣)


iCash Merchant Package

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