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iCashRewards Loyalty Program ("iCash")


The iCashRewards Loyalty Program will reward users with iCash Loyalty Points, which will be tokenized on the Ethereum Blockchain Network. The main function is to allow users to pay discounted fees on iBankEX. It also serves other purposes including using iCash as a way to purchase virtual gifts and consume through iBank iCash XPass, XWallet and iBankEx ecosystem in more than 25 countries across the globe. 


iCashRewards (“iCash”) is listing on the Kcash wallet’s decentralized exchange KEX on September 23, 2019. iCash can be redeemed with ETH on Kcash wallet. iCash will be launched on the cryptocurrency ecosystem of iBOFi, XPass and XPOS, powered by IOST, Digital One Asset Foundation, iBank Digital Asset, Pundi X, Can Jun Art Institute and ZOS Blockchain.

To retrieve your iCashRewards (“iCash”) :

  1. Download your Kcash wallet

  2. Search the iCash and add iCash on your wallet

  3. Send us your iCash receive address

  4. Fill out the form to provide your proof of purchase

For more information, please visit iCashRewards website.

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