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Wechat Promotion for Voting iBank on IOST

In the cold winter, blockchain technology is waiting for a gleaming opportunity.

-- IOST, witness the future of blockchain technology. --

In order to thank iBank voters, our “Year of the Pig” bonus reward is about to begin! We’re encouraging everyone to share this promotion and receive red packets of 388 IOSTokens, which can be used directly to vote so you can get early bird benefits as soon as possible.

Vote for iBank and receive IOST red packets rewards!

Activity Description:

1. This activity is limited to new registered users. If you already have an iBank account, you need to register a new account to participate in the activity. Register at 

2. After sharing this poster to your moment or a WeChat group of 200 people, submit the screenshot, and receive a red packet of 388 IOSTokens. Limited to the first 500 users.

3. Red packets can not be withdrawn before March 10th.  You can use the red packet to vote for IOST node (minimum vote of 1000 IOST) and get 25% annual return +50% non-blocking reward, Vote here: 

4. IOST red packets will be reviewed and issued within 1 week after the screenshot is submitted. The final interpretation rights belong to IOST and iBank. For any queries, please contact Send your screenshot to

IOST disrupting the traditional election rules of blockchain and has been described by social media IOST fans as the most sincere "invitation for cooperation" in the bear market, which is summed up as:

“If you can become a partner, you should be a partner. If you can’t then you should vote for the iBank to be a potential elected partner.”

Thank you!

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