How To Prevent Phishing Attack?

1. What is phishing? Phishing attack is a criminal cheating process by getting sensitive information like username, password, fund and ID by means of disguising others. These messages claim that they are from official or internet administrator to get trust from the victim. 2. The ways that phishing spread

  • Through virus
Criminals clone a total same website like Huobi.Pro, and send the fake website address to users’ computers with some virus programs and rubbish software, or put the address on search website to cheat users to log on to get users’ username, password, trade information or assets.
  • Through SMS
Criminals send cheating SMS messages to users, claiming that users won prize or their accounts are stolen, asking users to log on the website whose address is in the message to verify his or her identity, and the website is launched by criminals, which is a fake one just to get users’information. If users log on the website and operate, then users’information like username, password will be known by the criminals.
  • Setting up a fake website
Criminals launched a fake website, and then post fake activity information on social media like QQ and Wechat, this activity makes an empty promise, when users log on the fake website, their usernames and passwords will be known by the criminals.
  • Through fake official mailbox
Criminals send lots of cheating mails to cheat the users to log on fake website, these mails ask the receivers to click the links in the mail to log on a website which is like Huobi.Pro with reasons like winning prizes or system update and so on, once users type in their usernames and passwords on the specified page, the information will be stolen. 3. To prevent phishing
  • Use Relatively safe browser like Chrome and update to the latest version;
P.S.: Chrome is a google product, its good safety performance is well known to all, updating to the latest version is because that the low version one has lots of loopholes, like Punycode phishing attack link:
  • Do not install browser plug-in;
P.S.: Browser plug-in has very high authority, and there is a risk of hacking, like the Chrome User-Agent Switcher back door incident
  • Never open suspected link, never type your iBankEx username, password and personal information on unknown website, in case phishing websites or Trojans stole the information.
  • Install anti-virus program, kill virus on your computer and cellphone periodically;
  • Update system patch on time;
  • Never send the verification code that official send to you to others;
  • When you are logging on iBankEx or trading, please make sure that if the domain name belongs to iBankEx, if you are not sure about it, you may ask the customer service for help.

How To Prevent Virus and Trojans

Steps of checking if the computer get a virus and Trojans. 1. Log on iBankEx with the stealth window mode of Chrome, which gets ready for checking deposit address/withdrawal address. Open a new stealth window in Chrome. (Ctrl+Shift+N) 2. Take down a right withdrawal address in a notebook, and tried to paste the address to the address bar of the Chrome to check if the address is the same with the one on your notebook. 3. Download iBankEx APP to check if its deposit and withdrawal addresses are the same with the ones on the website. If they are different, it means that your computer has got virus or Trojans. We suggest:

  • Install anti-virus program, and check and kill Trojans and virus periodically;
  • Update system patch;
  • Don’t click unknown documents;
  • Link Google Authenticator, please click here to see the specific methods;
  • Please keep and manage your password with professional password managing tool like 1 password;
  • Give your feedback about the abnormal condition of your account to the customer service on time, our customer service will help you with your problem;
  • We suggest you use Chrome,and update it to the latest version;
  • Uninstall the plug-in or unknown third-party software;
  • Under extreme conditions, you may format disk and reinstall operating system;
  • Ask for support and service from computer expert.

Is It Safe To Put Your Assets at iBankEx?

iBankEx powered by Huobi Cloud has been operating digital currency exchange for four years, been managing over 1 billion dollars, and been serving millions of users. Huobi Cloud has professional distributed architecture and anti DDOS attack system, 98% digital currency are stored in the multi-signed cold purse. As a leading digital financial service provider, Huobi has been believing that providing safe service to the users and Don’t Be Evil, ensuring your account and assets safe with professional risk control system. How does Huobi Cloud ensure the safety of my assets when I buy and sell coins at OTC? If you are a buyer, when you buy coins from a merchant, Huobi Cloud will freeze merchant’ coins, after you pay him or her, the coins that Huobi Cloud froze will be released. You can only advertise at the website when being certified as a merchant. There are two kinds of merchants, certified merchant and super merchant, it requires more stringent certification for super merchants than that for certified merchant. If people’s payment account is frozen due to a merchant’s receiving payments from non-real name account, Huobi Cloud will survey the asset source, and has the right to freeze the merchant’s account at iBankEx, as well as cancelling his or her accredication. And you have to go through the real-name certification before buying coins at the normal trade center.