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A decentralized global lending network  connecting financial institutions worldwide by offering a crypto backed loan business.

A decentralized global lending network  connecting financial institutions worldwide by offering a crypto backed loan business.

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Through using sidechain technology, iBank Lending Exchange realizes the real-time payment of cross-chain assets, which paved the way for large-scale crypto payment. For example, a user wants to pay for an item with BTC, but the merchant 

wants to collect Canadian dollars. On the iBank Lending Exchange platform, this user can pay BTC, and it will be real-time converted into a corresponding amount of Canadian dollars, and then the merchant can receive Canadian dollars by settlement service provided by the payment company.

Payment Systems


Let's assume that Bob wants to borrow $10,000 with loan term of six months at an annualized interest rate of 10%, so during the whole process, he shall pay interests of $500 and commission charges of $22 in total. 

For Example

The average return rate for investors is 2.7% monthly. All the return is returned to investors. 

High return

Smart contract automatically executes risk warning, margin call and collateral dispose to deal with collateral depreciation. iBank charges risk reserves based on loan volume to defeat systemic risks and introduce third-party institutions, such as custodians. 

Strong risk management

Any qualified financial institutions can be a leader. 

Effective operation

Support Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral. Fully-paid mortgage with loan amount no more than 50% of collateral's market value.

International collateral

Support borderless lending. Low threshold as borrowing open for crypto asset holders and investment open for fiat and crypto currency holders. Provide CAD cash loans to Canadian individuals and businesses.

Global loan

iBank Lending network powered by ZOS financial public blockchain is fully transparent, open and trustworthy, on which everyone can initiate the loan request, make the investment and obtain returns through the standardized lending smart protocol and managed together by all participants. All participants are able to share the benefits.

Our Advantages and Benefits

All iBank Lending financial businesses are based on the ZOS public chain. But unlike iBank Lending, most competitors’ platforms are based on Etherium network or centralized website with a great limitation.


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iBank Lending supports cash loans in Canadian dollars to individuals and businesses and uses Bitcoin and Ethereum as 


Loan Mode

iBank Lending Platform

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A decentralized global lending network powered by 


Brings together investors and borrowers in cryptocurrency investment.

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